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Enviromental Studies

0 Videos • 52 Goals • 41 Tests


0 Videos • 52 Goals • 41 Tests


13 Videos • 52 Goals • 41 Tests

CBSE Class 1 Syllabus



  1. Spatial Understanding
  2. Solids Arounds Us
  3. Digits (1-9)
  4. Zero
  5. Addition(Sum not more than 9)
  6. Subtraction
  7. Number 10
  1. Units and Tens
  2. Number 11 to 20
  3. Addition (Sum not more than 20)
  4. Subtraction (difference not more than 20)
  5. Number 21 to 99
  6. Mental Arithmetic
  1. Money
  2. Length
  3. Weight
  4. Time
  5. Data Handling
  6. Patterns

Enviromental Studies

  1. Animals around us?
  2. Plants around us?
  3. Water?
  4. Delicious food?
  5. Do we need food?
  1. My house
  2. Clean Habits
  3. Safety and Discipline
  4. Transportation
  5. I and my family
  1. Neighbourhood
  2. Play the game
  3. I need these
  4. Heavenly friends
  5. Around us


Exam Pattern and Grading for Class 1

CBSE Class 9 to be known as the establishment for higher classes and in this way it is significant for understudies to get familiar with the subjects completely. Rules for CBSE Class 9 are given by the board and the NCERT. Along with those certain lines, the school's subsidiary to the CBSE board pursues the NCERT schedule. For appropriate planning, realizing the schedule is significant alongside illuminating different examples.


Class & Subjective Base

CBSE course considered to be one of the best amongst all other for each and every student which hence to be considered as a higher ground of study. In this way, to assist you with Class 9 subjects beneath we have recorded the subjects incorporated into the particular scholastic year.

Study Material Base

Comprehend the ideas in a simple and engaging manner and finish your examinations weeks before the test so you have sufficient opportunity to refresh with an ample amount of questions that can be framed in an examination

Competitive Examinations for Class 1

The following is the list of competitive exams for Class 5:

  1. Important Tips
  2. Previous Year Papers
  3. Important Question List
  4. Textbook Solutions
  5. Videos
  6. Expert Talks

The most effective method to become a pro in the Study of CBSE class 9 (Study Tips)

Framing the most effective nature of studying prospects of CBSE Class 9. Given underneath are high focuses on CBSE Class 9 qualification. Skim on to explore.

  • Prepare a to pursue an appropriate timetable and guarantee that you study each subject uniformly consistently agenda. (Study - Relax - Repeat)
  • Create Sticky Notes and feature significant focuses that focus on the major area of topic to assist you with recollecting significant ideas quicker. (Better and Quicker Concept)
  • Exercising past year question papers or test papers will assist you with getting a thought of the kind of questions you will face. You’ll get enough time to solve the questions efficiently.
  • Never overlook any subject and see every single point and concepts certainly so that at the hour of test you don't have any guesswork.
  • Aside from study material, add NCERT reading material in data of the fact that the vast majority of the inquiries are straightforwardly posed from these NCERT course readings.

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