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17 Videos • 52 Goals • 41 Tests


16 Videos • 52 Goals • 41 Tests

CBSE Class 8 Syllabus


  1. Playing With Numbers
  2. Algebraic Expressions
  3. Axioms,Postulates And Theorems
  4. Factorisation
  5. Squares,Squareroots,Cubes And Cube Roots
  6. Theorems Of Triangles
  7. Rational Numbers
  8. Linear Equations In One Variable
  1. Commercial Arithmetic
  2. Exponents
  3. Congruency Of Triangles
  4. Construction Of Triangles
  5. Statistics
  6. Introduction To Graphs
  7. Quadrilaterals
  8. Mensuration


  1. Natural resources
  2. Our environment
  3. Structure of atom
  4. Atoms & Molecules
  5. Study of cells
  6. Classification of living organisms
  7. The world of microbes
  8. Describing motion


  1. Force and Newton’s laws of motion
  2. Energy and its forms
  3. Chemical reactions and their types
  4. Chemicals in our daily life
  5. Water
  6. World of sounds
  7. Heat
  8. States of matter
  1. Our colourful world
  2. Food and its constituents
  3. Nutrition and Respiration
  4. Reproduction in higher plants
  5. Food production : soil and water management
  6. Evolution of Life
  7. Earth and Beyond

Social Science

  1. Sources
  2. Geographical Features And Pre Historic India
  3. Ancient Civilizations Of India
  4. Ancient Civilizations Of The World
  5. Greek, Roman And American Civilizations
  6. Rise Of Jainism And Buddhism


  1. Mauryas And Kushans
  2. The Guptas And Vardhanas
  3. South India-Shatavahanas, Kadambas And Gangas
  4. The Chalukyas Of Badami And The Pallavas Of Kanchi
  5. The Rashtrakutas Of Manyakheta And The Chalukyas Of Kalyana
  6. The Cholas And Hoysalas Of Dwarasamudra


Political Science

  1. Meaning And Importance Of Political Science
  2. Public Administration
  3. Human Rights
  4. Local Government



  1. Introduction To Sociology
  2. Culture
  3. Social Institutions
  4. Types Of Society




  1. The Earth–Our Living Planet
  2. Lithosphere
  3. Atmosphere
  4. Hydrosphere
  5. Biosphere





  1. Introduction To Economics
  2. Meaning And Types Of Economy
  3. National Income And Sectoral Aspects Of The Indian Economy
  4. Government And The Economy


Business Studies

  1. Components Of Business Studies
  2. Business And Industry
  3. Forms Of Business Organisations

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